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What is the difference between Redesign and Staging?
Redesign is creating an environment of personal distinction that is appealing to the homeowner through the art of placement and rearrangement.

Staging is creating an environment that is appealing to the Prospective Buyer. It is putting the home in the best possible light to compete in the market and appeal to buyer emotions. A stager assesses the home with an impartial eye and suggests necessary changes. According to the National Association of Realtors, staged homes sell faster and for top dollar. Everyone benefits, the homeowner, the real estate agent and the buyer.
What if I am not sure whether I need a redesign or a full service design?
If you are not happy with your present furniture, accessories and window treatments etc, then you may want to consider a full service design, as we offer both. However, if you like most of your furniture and accessories, but just cannot get them to look the way you always dreamed they could look, then I would suggest a redesign. If you are still unsure, then I suggest you call me for a consultation to help you decide.
When you are doing a Redesign, Staging, or One Day Decorating, must the client leave the room?
I leave that up to the client. Some prefer to leave and some wish to be there and be involved. I am happy to work either way.
If I need a few accessories or some furniture, and you are going to shop for these, would you shop with your client or alone?
I would leave that choice to my client. I can usually shop faster by myself, but I also enjoy shopping with my client.
Do you shop locally at retail stores or do you shop at stores that deal to the trade only?
I shop at both and according to my client’s budget.
How do you handle a couples different taste, for example furniture styles, wall color etc.?
I find that working with couples is my favorite challenge. I consider both their needs and taste. This is what makes a beautiful and inviting home that will reflect both their personalities. It is my experience when they get some of their desires met; they are more than happy to compromise.
Do you have a particular style that you do most?
No, I always consider my client’s style, and do my best to accomplish that with my knowledge and expertise of different styles and periods. I never want my own style to be reflected in a client’s home.
How do you deal with merging households and downsizing?
I assess the new location and the furniture that will be combined. In doing this, I can determine what will fit. I can then decide with my client what cannot be used, saving them the trouble and extra cost of moving them.
If I am moving, would it be best to call you after the movers leave, or before they bring the furniture in?
You should arrange for me to be there when they arrive. In that way, I could oversee the placement and arrangement of the furniture and accessories correctly in the room.



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